Pigment spots

Get rid of pigment spots!

Although pigment changes are mostly asymptomatic and have no disease value, they often represent a significant burden for us.

After the most precise analysis with a reflected light microscope, I can assess the spots concerning the cause and risk of degeneration. If these are benign, removal is offered in the same session.

Brown pigmentation:

In a few minutes, the invisible light impulses of the latest laser technology can eliminate pigment changes on the face and hands.

The spots remain superficially encrusted for 6 days after the treatment and heal without scars.

If it is melasma – a hormonal disorder, I will offer you a different concept.


Unfortunately, there are often unexpected connections in our lives.

Hormone treatments or medication can cause symmetrical dark spots on the face that only get better with medical help.

After a conversation and an analysis with fluorescent light, an individual treatment concept is created.

This usually extends over a year and consists of:

  • Herbal peeling masks in the practice
  • Medical prescriptions for lightening
  • Care products
  • Sun protection


Light pigmentation

In this case, it is necessary to clarify why pigment is no longer produced in the skin.

It can be sun damage, a fungal infection or white spot disease (vitiligo). After eczema or inflammation has passed, the skin surface often lacks the pigment.

Red-blue color in the skin

In these cases, incident light microscopy helps us to diagnose.

 Dr. Sylvia Holle-Robatsch - Fachärztin für Dermatologie und Angiologie

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