Spider veins

Delicate red or blue streak-like patterns on the skin, especially on the thighs, are called “spider veins”.

Such vessels can also be found on the cleavage, on the stomach and the back. In the facial area, we speak of couperose.
These are the smallest skin vessels that are just below the surface and are therefore visible.
This does not always have to do with venous insufficiency, i.e. with weak venous valves. Spider veins are often the result of frostbite on the skin, injuries and operations, or a certain weakness of the connective tissue.

We use ultrasound to examine and advise you on the treatment options:

  • Delicate vein obliteration of the small veins on the leg.
  • Laser treatment is an alternative to desolation. The affected vessel is selectively destroyed by the laser’s heat. The blood clots in the small vein, and the spider vein is drained. The effect is immediately visible, but must be repeated several times every few weeks.
Dr. Sylvia Holle-Robatsch, specialist in Dermatology and Angiology

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